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FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
of controversy but the fight is not over. d.c. city council just voted to boost the city's minimum wage to 11.50 an hour by 2016. it is 8.25 right now. that is a big jump. here now the man behind the plan, d.c. city councilman, vincent orange. thanks for joining us. have you heard from walmart? they opened their doors and you guys voted to raise anyone mum wage by three bucks? >> i was with walmart at preopening atth street. i joined them this morning on the store with georgia avenue. all seems to be well. opened their stores. council voted minimum wage of $11.50. melissa: did you talk about this specifically. >> no, happy feeling last night and this morning. people know they will have minimum wage. walmart knows they will sell their wears in the district of columbia. melissa: why do you think thaw need to increase the minimum wage by so much? for example, if you look at bureau labor at that schtick tis being less than three people, less than 3% of people make minimum wage. don't things in d.c. deserve more attention like crime? >> what we need in the district of columbia is better quality of
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am EST
. a judge ruled the motor city is officially broked. judge stephen rhodes says detroit is proven insolvent and could enter chapter nine bankruptcy. this could be a precedent for every other city struggling with overblown debt. even if you thought you were safe. this could change it. fox business's jeff flock is live from federal bankruptcy court in detroit. jeff, what does it mean for people's money? >> yeah. you know that's the big deal on this one. for the first time ever, melissa, a federal bankruptcy judge has said, even if, if you're a municipal penoner, even if you have a state constitution that says you can not screw with my pension, in federal bankruptcy court, yes in fact you can screw with my pension. first time anybody said that. we don't know how it will come down but the first time it the door has been open. melissa: state protections written in the michiga constitution would prove meaningless? i didn'tnderstand that? >> yeah. because what the judge said today, essentially is federal law trumps state law. even though you've got a constitution that say the pensions shall not be
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am EST
best person running period but just to say i'm an independent makes me lose work in the city. john: really? >> no question. it has come back to me trust me. i have spent on said i get tired of people's opinions i am not even a agree i just point out where my viewpoints areifferent than that is the death to get people to turn off they get a green ian devotional. there is no facts only emotion. when i said i voted for reagan i was in canada they said you are such an educated. >> i work with 12,000 kids the best after-school programin the state for inner-city kids 12,000 kids we have a 90 percent graduation rate. john: but because you vote a certain way? >> it is the indoctrination but i keep asking socialism? ho does it work? >> in holwood they don't carry about obamacare do not affect them. john: the biggescause is saving the earth and climate change. here is a commercial done by harrison ford. >> when rainforest are slashed and burned their releases tons of carbon into the air we breathe. e changes our climate. it hurts. every bit of rain forest cut down over there really hurts us
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
death of a 1960 icon, the vwcombi van. they have decided to pull the plug. vans gathered in the city of sao -- well i can't say the name, more than 10 million have been produced world wide over past 6 decade. >> to china, a man in china developed a pair of shoes that s that weigh over $440-pounds each, and says they hole the secret to curing back pains and hec hemorrhoids. the shoes fix that in no time, high is developing a whole range of metal footwear, in varying degrees of heaviness, different colors. >> check this out, all american girl jennifer -- one of three finalists in popular middle easternty of tiety tern tv compe wowed audiences threw out the region by singing renditions of classic arabic song. she embraced arabic music since discovery it on-line three years ago. >> in most workplaces drinking on the job is enough to get you fired but not in amsterdam, a government funding orzation set up a program that lets alcoholics clean up the city, in exchange for beer and tobacco. joining us now adiction expert, do you love this idea or hate it. >> i think i am and any sensible per
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
in a city, probably one of their target markets, when usually you come out and and meet the deliveryman, sign it -- melissa: right, and there's the faa. chris, when you watched the video on "60 minutes" last night, it was the very nice landing, the drone jebtly placed down -- gently placed down its package, it was no trouble at all. is this how you see it working, or are there some challenges? >> there's a lot of challenges here. as a helicopter pilot, as a retired naval aviator, we had a saying if something is not going wrong, it's about to go be wrong. melissa: very optimistic of you. >> technologically, yes, you could do this today, periodly on a one-time -- immediately on a one-time case. you can't do this with hundreds or thousands of drones making multiple deliveries. and the biggest hurdle is the regulations involved. there is no regulatory framework for this type of commerce to take place in. technology always takes place before the regulatory framework. let me give you one quick historical example, orville and wilbur wright figure out how to fly, it wasn't until 1926 when the f
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
joined the new york city strike. louis vasquez worked at a fast-food chain for six months. why are you on strike today? >> well, first of all i want to say good evening. honor to have me year. melissa: good evening. >> yes. basically, i'm on strike today he for $15 and a union. like i said, just to have more stable life. melissa: louis, how many jobs have you had beef this? i assume you're working for minimum wage. have you had a lot of other minimum wage jobs? >> well, actually, that is a very food question. i've actually had one other job and which was, minimum wage. we're talking about in the summer of 2012. was actually working at cvs through the summer youth employment program. melissa: uh-huh. so, luis, it sound like -- >> for about a month. melissa: you don't have a lot of work experience. i mean you're the exact kind of person who comes in and gets that opening job in order to try and move up the ladder. so it is hard for me to understand what your complaint is. >> well my complaint is this, the following. i'm currently supporting a family of six, six people, you know. single m
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)